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Zombie Drive & The Boneyard BOOtique!

My Boyfriend Dagon and I have been really busy this weekend. We've been working on stuff for Zombie Drive. It's a large yard-haunt we have at Halloween. Dagon made a couple of tombstones for the graveyard scene. They look really good! We also worked on some designs for decorations.

We have a Kickstarter Project to raise funds for Zombie Drive. We want to add animatronics and lots more decorations to Zombie Drive.


We also listed a bunch of Zombie themed stuff in our Etsy shop.


Christmas Loot!

I got some really nice and fun gifts for Christmas!

From Dagon:
A handmade coat.
A hand-drawn card.
A hand-painted Gothic jewelry box.
A studded hair-band.
Two Octopus pendants.
Vampire perfume that included a Bite-Size (pocket size) bottle.
Strawberry Champagne body spray.
A Realistic Firefly in a Jar.


From My Grandparents:
A pink jogging suit.


From Dagon's parents:
The Wolfman DVD.
A make-up kit.
Stripey socks.
Purple leopard print house slippers.

I also got some nice cards from friends and relatives.

Christmas Party.

Wednesday, Dagon and I went to a Christmas party at one of his relatives house. It was a family get-together and they have it every year we just haven't been before.

I am very socially awkward. So I was uncomfortable being at the party.

All of Dagon's female relatives wanted to hug me. They always do when we see them anywhere. They don't seem to know how to take the way we dress though. His relatives are all either upper-middle class or rich. They are all really preppy.

Dagon's mom asked him to not dress like a Hell's Angel. It was funny the way she said it. She thought people would be rude, since her family is snooty. We dressed Goth, but didn't go all out. I had a skull flower in my hair and my skeleton shoes on and we wore our usual jewelry. Everybody was nice and nobody was rude, but we did get stared at a lot. His cousin asked were we Wiccan.

The food was good.

His cousin's house is nice, but his cousin is a millionaire. I figured it would be really fancy. The dude has a private jet, but his living room furniture was old and looked like the cheap furniture they use to put in mobile homes. The carport was really nice and probably more expensive than the rest of the house. Dagon said his cousin has a ranch in another state and he stays at it a lot, so it's probably what he puts money into.

It was fun riding with Dagon's parents because his mom kept screaming every time his dad went around a curve or made a turn. His dad's driving freaks her out. He wasn't driving bad, it was just freaking her out for some reason.

November and December.

I've been busy and haven't been updating my journal.

Since my last post there was Thanksgiving and it was nice. Dagon and I started watching the television show Grimm. It's our favorite show on television now. We put up two Christmas trees. One is purple (Dagon painted it purple years ago, before you could buy purple trees everywhere) and one is black. They both have The Nightmare Before Christmas themes. The small black one is in the living-room and the bigger purple tree is in the library's bay window. Both are really cool!

We've been doing a lot of house organizing and home-improvement and decorating.

Dagon worked for a few days doing road construction. His older cousin owns the company. He almost got hurt on the job and I asked him to stop working there, since it is a dangerous job, so he called and talked to his cousin and we picked up his paycheck. A few days later the crew he worked with were on the way to a job and had a bad car wreck and the crew-boss was killed and everyone else was hurt. I'm really glad he wasn't still working with them.

I missed Dagon so much while he was working. I want him at home with me all the time.

We also started working on my dollhouse. Dagon got it for me a few years ago, but we didn't have anywhere to put it at since it's so big. So it's been out in the shop in the box. Now with the changes we're making to our house we will have a really nice place for it. Dagon put the house together and he's working on the roofing now. I'm helping some, but I'll do more work on it when we start painting and decorating it.

It's been cold outside, most of the time. We snuggle on the sofa and watch a lot of movies and television shows and we play WarCraft a lot.

We might be going to a Christmas party this week. It's at one of Dagon's relatives houses. We'll be going over to his parent's house for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day suppers.

~Everyday is Halloween~

Zombie Drive & Halloween 2011!

Zombie Drive was a success! Lots of trick-r-treaters came by and we got a lot of good comments on the decorations. It was a lot of fun! Dagon dressed as a Zombie King and I dressed as Bone Mama, a Zombie Queen. Dagon scared a lot of people because they thought he was a decoration at first!

I put some photos on the website, but still have more to post.


For Halloween we made a ghost cake and ate cheese and spinach dip, black and orange Halloween chips, and cheese stuffed sausage. All the food was yummy! We watched the movie Trick-r-Treat. We also played WarCraft for a little while, there was Halloween stuff, called Hallow's End, to do on there. We had a really nice evening at home.

The Week Before Halloween!

Monday, we went to Hattiesburg and looked in the Halloween themed store and at different stores Halloween sections. There was some cool stuff, but over-all not as much cool stuff as past years. We didn't buy anything except Dagon a new mouse for his computer.

 We've been working all week on getting stuff ready for Zombie Drive. It starts Saturday. The zombies are finished and ready to scare!

 We made homemade meatballs to have for supper tonight. It's the first time we tried making meatballs and we didn't use a recipe. They turned out really good.

 We got a big bag of candy to give to trick-r-treaters!

Today we're finishing our costumes and cleaning the house up. There are art and building supplies everywhere!

~Everyday is Halloween~


Dagon and I have been really busy lately. We're getting stuff ready for Zombie Drive. It starts in a week! We've been doing Hallow's End stuff on WarCraft. We've also been doing the usual stuff around the house. Like cooking and cleaning.

It got cold this week. We have been running heaters. It's like it skipped Autumn and became Winter. Which in Southeast Mississippi it could be freezing one day and hot the next.

 Dagon and I watched the new episode of The Walking Dead. It was decent, but doesn't have enough zombies in it. It's a drama with some zombies in the background. They spent most of the episode arguing and walking around in the woods. We also watched the first episode of the television show Grimm. It was really good. Cool story and the scenery and the sets are really nice.

We haven't been to any Halloween specialty stores this year. It's over thirty miles to the nearest one. We haven't had the gas money to drive that far.

That chick I've been talking to online that I met at the show last month might come hang-out the next time she is off of work. I haven't hung-out with a girl since early 2006. I'm very antisocial.

I've got to get the house cleaned-up. It's kinda messy from working on Zombie Drive decorations. The art studio is a total mess.

 I'll be updating this journal more after Halloween, when I'm not so busy.

~Everyday is Halloween~

The First Day of October!

Saturday, we went to a Pumpkin Patch and a Peanut Festival. It was at a really big farm. Dagon's mom took us. We had fun, except for Dagon's mom complaining a lot. She is so fussy.

We rode in a wagon pulled by a tractor around a really big farm. Went through a hay bail maze and a sudan (sp?) grass maze. Saw some goats and a car-show. Looked at a bunch of stuff the farm and vendors had for sale. They had a bunch of pumpkins.

We also got two pumpkins! They're nice pumpkins.

After we left the Pumpkin Patch we went to Walmart to get some groceries. We got a Halloween themed air-freshener. It's the best time of the year for buying household items.

After we got home we made loaded nachos for supper and watched a horror movie. We played WarCraft for a little while.


~Everyday is Halloween~


 Dagon and I decided not to work on Frightmare Forest. They are way too unorganized and it's only like two weeks until it starts and it's a complete mess. We left a message, Saturday, for one of the VFD dudes to contact us because we want to tell them we're not working on it instead of just not showing up and he still hasn't called or visited. I wrote a long post about it, but the LJ-cut isn't working so it's not public yet.

 Tuesday, Dagon and I watched a cool foreign movie called TrollHunter.  We made stew for supper and it was yummy! We played WarCraft for a while. We've almost got our toons to level 85! We also watched Swamp Thing.

 Dagon spent a few hours yesterday repairing skeletons. We have this old skeleton we bought from an antique store over ten years ago. It's only part of a skeketon, it's missing the feet, hands, parts of arms, and head. It's still really cool. It would be cool to know where it came from and what it was used for. It's not a typical lab skeleton and it's big. Dagon is using parts off of other skeletons to fix it up.

 The girl I have been talking to online that I met in person at the Skeletons Of Society concert emailed me. Not sure why it took so long, but she wants to be friends! I haven't had another girl to hang-out with in over five years. I have girl-friends online, but not locally. So that's really cool!

~Everyday is Halloween~

It's Been a Busy Week.

 We've been really busy lately. Working on Zombie Drive and stuff for Frightmare Forest and doing the usual stuff around the house. I'm posting another blog about problems with Frightmare Forest.
 We got four new ducks and Mr. Quacktonapoulos took to them really good. They're like a gang. They chase Dagon around the yard quacking for food. Ducks want to eat all the time, so everytime Dagon opens the front door they run up. They will get really close, but won't let us pet them.  Yet.

 Saturday night Dagon and I had a date and he took me to see a local band called Skeletons of Society. They are a metal band that does original songs and heavy cover songs. They are cool. The guitarist asked us were we metal-heads and gave us one of their CDs for free. Another dude came up and asked were we SpiderBaby and Dagon. He remembered us from Myspace years ago. I also met a girl I had just started talking to online. I don't think she liked me though because she hasn't messaged me and didn't reply to the email I sent her. Other girls tend not to like me even though I'm friendly.

 The stores have finally got out most of their Halloween stock. So far this year Dagon has bought me a shirt and pajama pants for Halloween. I got him a glow-in-the-dark shirt with a zombie on it. We also got some Halloween menu signs for the kitchen, a couple of gargoyles, a skeleton and a metal bat for the flowerbed, and some Universal Monsters finger puppets.  Walmart's Halloween selection isn't very good this year. They have some cool baking stuff.

 I've been working on my websites, too. I gotta take a bunch more photos to post on them.

 Dagon and I have also been playing World of WarCraft a lot and watching all the Friday the 13th movies.

~Everyday is Halloween~